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Charlotte's coffee has moved next door
...same tantelizing coffee aromas in a brand new home
SEASONS OF SALADO - Blended especially for Charlotte's of Salado. A rich blend of chocolate fudge, Irish creme, Amaretto and Hazel nut.
SNICKERDOODLE - Blending Cinnamon with Hazelnut to give a smooth, nutty aromatic coffee.
MOCHADOODLE - Snickerdoodle and milk chocolate to create the new Mochadoodle - Milk Chocolate Snikerdoodle.
ORANGE SEVILLE - Seville Orange with a hint of sweet cherry.
GRAND REVERENCE - Chocolate, Coconut and Hazelnut sprinkled with fresh Coconut flakes.
ALMOND AMARETTO - Amaretto is prevalent with added blanched and slivered Almonds for extra smoothness.
CREME BRULEE - The taste of Vanilla Custard and a sweet spice.
FRENCH VANILLA CREME - Fragrant yet subtle like the Vanilla bean for a smooth, creamy flavor.
CINNAMON CHOCOLATE ALMOND - Blended with Almond, Cinnamon and Chocolate.
CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY & CREME -  European Raspberry with the addition of Dark Chocolate flavor and creme.
HALLEY HOUSE - A wonderful blend of French Vanilla Almond and Pralines & Creme.
APRICOT CREME -The "Just Picked" flavor of apricots and pure creme.
Charlotte has retired, but you can still get your favorite coffee...

To place your coffee order,
call 254-947-0183
or visit Dawn at Salado Presence
#4 Rockcreek Drive (right next door)
Salado, Texas

Same 11 wonderful, flavorful, aromatic coffees.
Ground or bean.  Regular or decaf.